The first step toward determining whether you may be eligible to participate in the CeDLara study is to answer some brief pre-screening questions.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and confidential information. All information you provide will be securely stored and will only be used to check if you pre-qualify for this study. No medical details will be retained, and your contact details will be forwarded to a study location only at your request.


By visiting this website and completing the questionnaire, you (the potential participant) understand and acknowledge that the purpose of the website and questionnaire is solely to inform the public about this clinical research study that is currently taking place. While it is necessary to complete the pre-screening questionnaire to be considered for participation in this study, and to route your information to a relevant study physician and/or the investigating site, the decision as to whether to enroll you into the study is based upon the study protocol requirements and review of this by the study physician.